Term 4 in Rata 5

Term 4 in Rata 5

Grasshopper Tennis

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Friday, 26 October 2012

Get the Buzz!

Our inquiry topic is about Community.
We are learning all about bees and the community that they live in. 

This week we learnt about pollination. We had cotton balls and we rubbed pollen from some flowers so we could see what it is that bees carry back to their hives.
Jack and Hunter are rubbing the
pollen off onto a cotton ball.
Jack managed to get quite a
lot of pollen off his flower.

Verity managed to rub quite
a lot of pollen off her
flower too.

Milly and Daisy are concentrating
on carefully rubbing pollen off.
Hunter is showing us the
pollen he has got on his
cotton ball.


We also had fun pretending to be busy bees flying from flower to flower and pollinating 
flowers as we went. We had glitter in our hands 
and as we visited a new flower, we mixed our 
own pollen with the pollen in someone else's hand. 

We learnt that the mixing of pollen on plants must happen so that seeds and fruit develop. 
We know that bees are very important little insects because they help plants.

Tessa and Verity were pollen buddies.
You can see how the pollen has been
mixed by both bees.
Hunter and Ryan visited each others
flowers to pollinate them.

Tessa and Verity working together.

 Hunter and Ryan working together.

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  1. wow that looks like fun, awesome job guys!

    from Emily (Mrs Tennants class.)