Term 4 in Rata 5

Term 4 in Rata 5

Grasshopper Tennis

Grasshopper Tennis on PhotoPeach

Friday, 22 June 2012


Hunter and Tyler got certificates at assembly. Well done!!

Our Assembly Performance

We sang Letterland songs at our assembly.
We were all in our Buzz Groups.
We wore headbands with our letters on them and sang beautifully!!

Eleanor introduced Rata Block.
Jade, Kate and Troy sang the
Talking Tess song.
Ryan and Jacob were Red Robots.
Kayla and Diontae were
Jumping Jims

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Ole Soccer Skills

On Tuesday we had our 3rd session of Ole Soccer.

The skills we are learning are getting harder to do but we are trying our best to learn them.

This skill is called the Inside Cut and you have to stop the ball with the inside of your foot and change direction.

This skill is called the Outside Cut and it was quite hard to do. You have to stop the ball with the outside of your foot and then change direction .

We think we are good enough to play for the All Whites!!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Look what we've made!!

We've been talking about and looking at 3D shapes.
Here are some 3D shapes we made ourselves.

Jamiee, Verity, Jack, Diontae and Hadleigh made some cones.
We know cones have one flat face and curved sides.

Jack, Oscar, Hunter, Milly and Jade have made some cylinders.
We know they have 2 flat faces and curved sides.

Jacob, Ryan, Hunter and Tyler have made some pyramids.
We know they have 5 faces and 5 corners.

Daisy, Kate, Nikita and Jade have made some cubes.
We know they have 6 faces and 8 corners.

Eleanor, Jamiee, Kayla, Hadleigh and Troy
made some box shapes called cuboids.
We know they have 6 faces and 8 corners.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Ole Soccer

Today we had our second day of learning new soccer skills from the coaches at Ole Soccer.
They taught us some really tricky things that we had to practice. 
First of all we learnt how to drag the ball back...

Next we learned how to do rollovers. 
We had to roll the ball back with one foot and change direction.

Everyone tried so hard and had lots fun.
Bring on next Tuesday!!

Look at all the 3D shapes we found!

We've been talking about 3D shapes. We found lots of different 3D shapes in our classroom.
 Look what we found!

Hadleigh, Leighton, Hunter and Jacob found
some cylinders, boxes and spheres.

Daisy, Jamiee, Troy, Hunter and Verity found
some box shapes and cylinders.
Kate, Milly, Hunter, and Oscar have found
some box shapes and spheres. 

Jack, Nikita, Jack, Ryan, Hunter and Tyler have found
some cylinders, spheres and box shapes.
Jade, Kayla, Eleanor and Diontae have also found
lots of box shapes and cylinders.