Term 4 in Rata 5

Term 4 in Rata 5

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Monday, 4 June 2012

Look at all the 3D shapes we found!

We've been talking about 3D shapes. We found lots of different 3D shapes in our classroom.
 Look what we found!

Hadleigh, Leighton, Hunter and Jacob found
some cylinders, boxes and spheres.

Daisy, Jamiee, Troy, Hunter and Verity found
some box shapes and cylinders.
Kate, Milly, Hunter, and Oscar have found
some box shapes and spheres. 

Jack, Nikita, Jack, Ryan, Hunter and Tyler have found
some cylinders, spheres and box shapes.
Jade, Kayla, Eleanor and Diontae have also found
lots of box shapes and cylinders.


  1. Awesome!!! I didn't know there were so many shapes in your classroom, that is so cool.

  2. Good selection of shapes! Awesome work, guys!