Term 4 in Rata 5

Term 4 in Rata 5

Grasshopper Tennis

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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Cross Country

We had a great day at the cross country on Thursday.
Lots of parents and friends came along to cheer us on.
We sat in the middle of the field to wait for our turn to run.

Mr J started all of our races. He yelled out, "ready, set... " and then he banged two blocks together.
The Year One boys and girls ran first. They had to run around the field once.
Then the Year Twos had their turn and they had to run around the field twice.
We all had lots of fun running around the field and trying our best!


  1. I had lots of fun at cross country, I can't wait until next years races!! I think I can do even better next time!!

  2. Well done every.